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Dec 12, 2023

Best Bar Cart Accessories: How to Curate Stylish & Cute Bar Cart

While you might not have room in your home for a full on wet bar, you probably

While you might not have room in your home for a full on wet bar, you probably have space for a chic bar cart. A sleek and stylish bar cart easily spices up your home decor situation, whether it's conveniently placed in your kitchen, on the patio or in an office à la Mad Men—or, if you reside in a studio apartment or smaller abode, situated right in the midst of your combination living room-slash-dining room-slash everything room.

Even if your bar cart (or bar cabinet) is fully stocked with your liquor of choice and barware galore, it's possible you’re still looking for the perfect accessories to guarantee you’ll get plenty of compliments from all of your guests. Read on to discover the very best bar cart accoutrements, from an extremely chic cocktail shaker to the bar tools of your mixologist dreams.

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The best way to guarantee no one in town has a bar cart quite like yours is by going custom. This neon signage brand allows you to create one with whatever saying you want. This company offers plenty of trendy, happy hour-ready sign ideas, like I Think Better When I’m Not Sober or Save Water Drink Champagne, or you can design your own. Perhaps "It's always 5 o’clock somewhere if you’re feeling frisky?" It's definitely a good conversation starter, at the very least.

Plastic straws are so over, but you probably don't want to be serving your guests those paper ones that seem to instantly melt in your mouth. These chic handmade glass straws, designed by Misha Kahn, are painted in Turkey and feature four unique designs that are perfectly suited for cocktails, making them ideal for a home bar.

This kitschy Jonathan Adler 24-karat gold rocket decanter is the perfect way to add a bit of pizzazz to your bar cart if you’re serving up martinis at home. Sure, everyone has boring old decanters, but this one has tons of personality. Don't just put your Ketel One on display—instead, give it this stylish space age home.

If you love all things bubbly, perhaps it's time to invest in this champagne saber for special occasions. This steel saber, complete with a polished wood handle, comes in a wooden storage box, so you can store it for safekeeping or show it off as bar cart decor. What better way to pop open a bottle of champers and impress your visitors?

This ethical fair-trade retailer offers plenty of bar cart accessories options, including this hand-etched brass cocktail shaker, which comes with a strainer cap. This statement-making piece is quite useful, as you can easily create the cocktail of your choice, whether you’re into tequila, vodka or gin-based beverages. Plus, it was handcrafted by artisans working with Noah's Ark International Exports, which teaches skills to help creators start their own businesses.

This corkscrew is crafted from solid walnut wood and can be personalized, making it a perfect gift if you want to improve someone else's bar cart. Whether you’re someone who often struggles with opening up a wine bottle or an experienced ​​sommelier, you’ll adore this corkscrew; the design boasts an ergonomic handle and foil cutter, making it easy to uncork smoothly.

What's a bar cart without the tools you need to whip up the perfect cocktail? This nickel and leather bar tool set gives the usual accessories a much-needed luxe upgrade, with chic bar tools including a jigger, bottle opener, corkscrew and ice scoop, which you can keep in an ice bucket. Whether you’re into margaritas, old fashioneds or anything in between, you’ll feel like a true mixology master with this set.

If you’re looking for an accessory that isn't technically cocktail related, try this simple and fresh linen candle from luxe, plant based and nontoxic home brand L’Avant Collective, which counts Gwyneth Paltrow as a fan. The fresh linen scent makes sense in any room, and it's composed of a natural soy and coconut blend, so it won't bother even the most delicate noses.

This handmade sculpture was inspired by the ocean floor and features coral reef detailing, making it perfect for the bar cart in your vacation home. The bucket is made of hand-textured stainless steel, and is such a stylish way to display your liquor. Plus, the six matching shot glasses are much chicer than the ones you picked up on vacation in college. In fact, it's probably time to throw those away.

Add a cute candy dish to your bar cart, like this olive-themed option. This kitschy accoutrement (not to be confused with an ashtray) is perfect for martini aficionados who always ask for extra olives, or to hold limes any other garnishes. It also looks super chic on a coffee table.

No bar cart is complete until you have the perfect glassware to serve up all the cocktail recipes you’re making in your brand-new shaker. These glasses (they work great as martini glasses) are simple and sleek, and are carefully designed to ensure you can get the perfect sip without any spillage. Plus, these cocktail glasses are dishwasher safe, which makes post-party cleanup so much easier.

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