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Dec 02, 2023

Shake Up Your Supplementation With the Best Shaker Bottles

Every product is carefully selected by our editors. If you buy from a

Every product is carefully selected by our editors. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission.

Stock up and mix up the perfect training beverages with these premium drinkware samples.

Like a quality pair of gym shoes or a trusty gym bag, for most fitness enthusiasts, it's hard to get through a training session without a shaker bottle. Designed for on-the-go mixing of your favorite supplements and powders, these drinkware options are commonplace garb for any respectable workout setup.

While these bottles are simple in nature, there are a few key characteristics that can influence your regimen. Take a sip from a shoddy shaker bottle and you'll see the difference (as you fight through the clumps of powder). Whether looking to power up with pre-workout before a massive set or re-fueling with a protein shake post-run, a premium shaker bottle can make all the difference when quenching those dietary needs.

You need a vessel that has enough volume to support your nutrition, so size is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the proper shaker bottle. For most shakes and concoctions, you'll need anywhere from 8–20 ounces of liquid, so be sure to grab a shaker that can fit not just your water or milk, but the powder itself as well. If you want to add more ingredients, like oats or berries to your protein shake, plan to size up so you give the mixture enough space to blend properly.

Metal, glass and plastic are typical materials used in shaker bottle construction, and for good reason. These materials are easy to clean, lightweight for packing and can typically withstand the intense shaking action you'll put into blending up a supplement. For athletes wanting to retain a cold or hot mixture, I recommend opting for stainless steel shakers due to their insulating qualities and exceptional durability. If you want to travel light without compromising your mixing, look for plastic options.

Always. Wash. Your. Shakers.

Because you're blending various powders and the occasional milk with these devices, shaker bottles can easily develop bacteria and funk if not tended to routinely. Still, washing shaker bottles, and the blending devices themselves, can get tedious at times, so having the capability to conveniently toss your drinkware in the dishwasher is a definite benefit. While most shaker bottles can withstand the temperatures and pressures of a typical dishwasher, there are some made from low-quality plastic that can melt if run through a cycle. Be sure to look at the product descriptions before making a purchase.

Your shaker's blending device will determine how smooth and consistent your mixture ends up. Most bottles employ a metal agitator that breaks up the powder and mixes it with the liquid source easily as you shake, while others use an insert or mesh-like top to help mix and break up the powdery clumps. If you want to go hands-free, some shaker bottles utilize a small blending motor at the bottom, resembling miniature models of your countertop blender. In my experience, I've found the metal ball design works best, but a smooth shake is attainable with any option, provided you shake the bottle consistently and for the appropriate amount of time.

You can also opt for convenience add-ons when choosing a shaker bottle. Items like built-in hooks and locking lids can make toting your shaker to and from the gym easier (and cleaner). Others offer bottom storage compartments to house your powders and pills for in-training supplementation, too. These aren't absolutely necessary for the effectiveness of your shaker, but they can be great conveniences, especially if you're trying to mix supplementation with an already busy schedule. Take your personal needs into consideration and determine which factors would be most beneficial to your regimen.

Over the course of multiple weeks, I blended and mixed my normal regimen of proteins, pre-workouts, collagen and more with the below shaker bottles, highlighting their effectiveness in making tasty, worthwhile beverages. I noted the overall size and ease of use for each vessel, as well as their convenience when tossed in a bag or stored in a kitchen cabinet. Additionally, with all these shakes came plenty of wash cycles, so I also highlighted how easily these bottles were cleaned, both via dishwasher and by hand.

Durable and good looking, the Strada is one of my favorite shaker bottles in my collection. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps my shakes plenty cold for refreshing mid-workout sips, and I like how secure the sliding lock is, eliminating any chances for spills or messes whether in training or on the go. While measuring out the liquid can be difficult at times — the stainless steel material isn't see-through, so there are no exterior marks — I’d confidently grab this trusty shaker for any nutritional need.

Don't want to waste energy shaking up your mixes? Just press the button of the Blendjet 2 and watch as the motorized blender does the work for you. I really liked how easily this shaker made getting ready for the gym, allowing me to get my shoes and gear packed while my shake was being made. Plus, the Blendjet 2 can be ideal for thicker morning smoothies that incorporate fruits, oats and other ingredients. I would recommend purchasing the additional XL jar, though, as the standard 16-ounce bottle doesn't leave a lot of room for stacking ingredients and powders high.

You just purchased a hefty cart full of supplements. The last thing you want is to drop more cash on an overbuilt shaker, right? The Contigo Shake & Go Fit provides efficient mixing and portability, all for less than $12. I like how the rounded bottom makes it easier to get all the powder blended properly, and cleanup is a breeze thanks to its dishwasher-safe design. Just be careful not to bump this bottle from its upright position, as I have had instances where the closed cap easily came loose, leading to spills and embarrassing cleanups.

For shakes and mixes that I really want to keep cold, I often turn to the Ice Shaker. The stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulation allows for excellent temperature retention, which is great when looking to recharge with a brisk beverage in-between exercises. I also like the odor-resistant qualities that help defend against the all-too-common protein funk from leftover powder inside. The twist-off agitator at the cap is also efficient when mixing up blends, but I would recommend removing it before drinking thicker smoothies or shakes. The slots can interfere with more viscous treats, making it more of a challenge to down the entire 26 ounces.

Plastic shakers can be a great, lightweight option for those that don't want to lug around a cumbersome bottle to and from the gym. I enjoyed the Helimix 2.0 Vortex due to its unique geometry that promotes more fluidity when mixing, and the shatter-proof Tritan plastic proved to be plenty durable and simple to clean. While I did achieve well-mixed shakes with the Helimix, though, I would’ve appreciated an included agitator. This quick accessory, combined with the unique silhouette, would’ve really enhanced the mixing experience, allowing for less jostling and more time focused on training.

For aesthetics and cleaning purposes, glass can be an excellent option for shaker bottles, and I can't recommend Ello's Splendid vessel more. The drinkware contains a silicone shell at key points and corners for easier gripping, and the measurement marks are simple to read for precise blends. I also like how uniform the shape of the silhouette is, eliminating any top-heavy chances for toppling over. While you do need to pay more attention to this bottle's security — glass is, naturally, less durable than metal or plastic — if you want to stylize your workouts, mix up your next bev with this clear beauty.

When it comes to mixing supplements, it's not a "one shaker to rule them all" kind of deal. If you’re blending multiple products over the course of a day, you need multiple shaker bottles, which can get spacious. To answer this call, the Hydra Cup employs two chambers, allowing you to conveniently house two products in one silhouette. I really like this modality for pre- and post-workout fuel, allowing more space in my bag for necessities like a weightlifting belt, shoes and other accessories. I do recommend, though, that you take advantage of the dishwasher-safe makeup, as cleaning the individual chambers can get tricky when done by hand, especially for those with bigger mitts.

Your kitchen is not always going to be your last stop before training, so in order to supplement properly you need to bring your servings with you, along with a fresh shaker. The ProStak from BlenderBottle makes this process easier thanks to its included bottom storage pods that can easily house your pre-workout, protein or pilled nutritional add-ons. You can even stack multiple pods across one profile, keeping everything in-tote for those days when heading back home before a workout is simply out of the question. I would appreciate a locking lid with this silhouette, and stacking multiple containers can create a rather tall drinkware option, but for on-the-go athletes, this can be a great addition to your gym bag.