The 50 Coolest Things Under $30 That Are Skyrocketing in Popularity on Amazon Right Now


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May 03, 2023

The 50 Coolest Things Under $30 That Are Skyrocketing in Popularity on Amazon Right Now

It’s honestly surprising how cheap these gems are. It’s such a win when those

It's honestly surprising how cheap these gems are.

It's such a win when those cool things that are skyrocketing in popularity and popping up all over my social media feeds just so happen to be on Amazon. The best thing is, some of these under-the-radar, trending things on Amazon right now are under $30. It's like you don't even have to hesitate before clicking checkout.

Before you know it, the cool find everyone's talking about will be in your hands. So keep scrolling for the 50 coolest rising products on Amazon right now.

These weatherproof lights have strong built-in magnets and a bendable design, so you can pop them right on top of your grill and adjust them to see your burgers or veggies at all times of the day. These LEDs even come with batteries and a case to easily tuck them in your kitchen after grilling, and this portability helped them achieve a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

It's worth adding this reusable dust-trapping cloth into your window cleaning routine because it makes the chore much easier. The two-layer streak-free fabric simply works with water — no chemical cleaner needed — and the unique texture traps all of the dust on mirrors, windows, stainless steel, and more.

With this pack of headrest hooks, you can easily add low-profile storage spots on the back of all of your car seats. Each one is durable enough to hold up to 44 pounds, so your travel bags, totes, and grocery bags can stay off the floor. You can also clip them on super quickly before your grocery runs.

These little hydrocolloid patches are invisible but turn white to let you know when it's time to peel them off — so you won't be tempted to check on and mess with painful, unwanted spots. These thin, clear, and comfy patches help out with any redness and protect your skin as they work to extract pus over a six-hour period.

This pet fur roller is way better than using sticky, single-use lint rollers, because it has fur-catching fabric that's completely reusable — a huge money-saver that caused it to get over 105,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. There's also a simple button to pop open the oversized compartment and toss all of the fur.

This sleek stainless steel holder is such an easy way to tidy up all of those plastic bags that pile up in your pantry after grocery runs. The wall-mounted design has an opening on top to easily toss extra bags in and one on the front to grab a bag when you need it for trash or dog poop.

This USB-rechargeable bug zapper with an LED light is perfect for those moments when you’re tired of waiting for sticky tape or candles to get rid of bugs and want to take things into your own hands — literally. It's shaped like an easy-to-use tennis racke, and with its unique shape and safe mesh design, you can zap bugs mid-air. Of course, it's finished off with a safety switch.

You’ll want to swap out all of those tiny flashlights around your home for this USB-rechargeable LED lantern because it has a built-in phone charger, and it will feel like an actual lamp if your power goes out. It's completely collapsible, so you can carry it in a bag, and there's even a solar panel on top to charge it in the sun for camping or backyard parties.

It's obvious why this dishwasher-safe pasta strainer is a best-seller on Amazon — it snaps right onto your pasta pot, and it won't take up a ton of space in your kitchen cabinets (like your usual colander). It also has a pouring spout and is made of bendy and non-stick silicone, so you won't leave any noodles behind while draining water with just one hand.

This car organizer makes it so much easier to keep the trunk or even your backseat tidier because it gives you compartments and pockets for all kinds of car clutter, including cleaning supplies, emergency equipment, groceries, sports gear, and more. The water-resistant organizer comes with hooks on each side to keep it in place in your car. Plus, the built-in handles let you easily carry all of the clutter (or simply your grocery bags) inside when you get home.

This insulated stainless steel tumbler will keep drinks cool for 24 hours — and it’ll look so trendy while doing so with its minimalist matte finish. It even comes with a matching straw for an extra-aesthetic look. Even with that ergonomic handle on the side and 40-ounce capacity, it will also easily fit right in your car's cupholder thanks to its slim design on the bottom.

This popular battery organizer has a little built-in handle on top, so it's easy to pull out whenever you need to track down replacement batteries. It also has a removable battery tester and a clear cover to carry it around the house to swap out all of your remote batteries — no more digging through junk drawers.

These 100% wool dryer balls are practical with their reusable, fragrance-free design. In addition to saving you money on single-use dryer sheets, these balls can also help to lessen dryer time by fluffing up your laundry and causing friction. They have a drawstring bag to stop them from rolling all over your laundry room between loads with easy to-follow directions.

These deet-free incense sticks are made with lemongrass and rosemary essential oils and, of course, a bunch of citronella, so they’ll cover your outdoor space in calming scent (instead of a bug spray smell). In addition to smelling great, these work to keep mosquitos away for up to three hours.

No matter how many chopsticks are in your kitchen drawer, these lightsaber chopsticks are worth grabbing. The colorful built-in LEDS honestly make them cool enough to use as a decor piece on your countertop, and the best part is — this playful light-up design is surprisingly easy to clean after dinner.

These shatter-resistant bins have two built-in handles and a transparent design that's easy to see through, so they’ll work for all kinds of home clutter, whether you need to organize cleaning supplies, pantry goods, health and beauty supplies — whatever. They’re also stackable, so you can grab these BPA-free bins to organize tall kitchen cabinets or fill up extra vertical space on closet shelves.

Grab these foot peel masks because they’re honestly easier to use than most of your skincare products or even going to get a pedicure. You simply wear them like socks once for an hour, and the fruit acids and extracts will take care of all of the exfoliating for you. Over the next two weeks, dry, hard skin and calluses will peel off your feet, leaving them feeling baby soft.

This lunch box makes it so easy to pack more than a simple sandwich because you get two large containers to fit leftovers or your favorite meal prep lunches. One of these stackable and dishwasher-safe containers has a divider in the middle, so it's perfect for packing two different snacks. Plus, there's also a tidy spot for the included utensils between the containers.

These machine-washable mop slippers come in a pack of 10, so you can wear them, wrap them around your broom, or attach them to your mop and still have clean pairs on-hand. The stretchy microfiber design makes them super versatile no matter how you prefer to dust and clean up your floors.

This phone stand has a sleek and glossy metal finish that looks so elevated no matter where you need a spot for your phone or tablet. The weighted and super compact base is the perfect shape for holding onto your earbuds, too. Plus, this adjustable stand has plenty of room for your charger.

These stretchy gloves are the only ones you’ll reach for on gardening days because they have a durable claw-like design that's perfect for planting or digging up weeds. Plus, these breathable gloves are puncture-resistant to keep your hands dirt-free (even if one of the claw attachments pokes the fabric).

It's worth swapping out your old pillowcases for satin pillowcases because they’re gentler on your hair and skin, and with over 200,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this sleek two-pack is the one to grab. The silky fabric is also finished off with an envelope closure means these machine-washable pillowcases always feel secure.

This burger holder prevents your tomato or barbecue sauce from sliding off of your burger and ruining all of your fries (or your shirt). This little dishwasher-safe holder is so easy to use, and you can even make it bigger or smaller depending on how many patties your go-to burger order has.

If you’ve put off adding a sticky or complicated phone mount to your car, reach for this phone holder that you simply pop onto your air vent. It has a durable clamp on the back, so you won't have to deal with annoying suction cups on your dashboard. Plus, this silicone-lined holder also has a slot for your charger and a secure hold that can handle a phone from 1.9 to 3.7 inches wide.

These deodorizer bags come in a pack of 12, so you can stick them in your mildewy closet, in your gym bag, fridge, and, of course, sneakers to keep these things odor-free. Each one has natural bamboo charcoal inside, and they’re covered in a neutral gray fabric that looks nice no matter where you put them.

At just 2.4 inches long, this box cutter is tiny enough to fit on your entryway table, so you always have one handy when you get a package. The blade automatically retracts, so you won't have to worry about using this box cutter. The rust-free blade also ensures that this cheap product will keep working for years to come.

This highly-rated outlet extender rotates 180 degrees, so you can adjust it to fit your exact needs (while leaving the other outlet on your switch plate totally available). It has a three-sided design with a total of six widely-spaced AC outlets. It also features two USB chargers and a USB-C charger, all while offering much-needed surge protection.

This durable food cover gives you some serious splatter protection whenever you use your microwave, but it also collapses down to fit in a cluttered cabinet. Plus, you can save some colander space with this dishwasher-safe cover because the ventilation holes work just like a strainer if you flip it over.

These super compact facial razors with safety caps save you from tweezers if you like to shape your brows. These colorful razors will also be versatile in your skincare drawer because the stainless steel blade is gentle enough for small facial hairs and at-home dermaplaning — if you prefer to remove them.

These ice molds are way better than the classic square or sphere cocktail ice cubes with their chic rose design. The bendable silicone design makes it easy to grab a flower-shaped ice cube for your cocktail or iced coffee, and it can even go in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven — so feel free to use these molds for chocolate, gelatin, and more.

This LED dog collar is USB rechargeable, so you can use this light-up safety collar for every before-bed walk without a ton of upkeep — and keep your pet visible from up to 1,000 feet away. Even with those built-in LEDs wrapping around the entire collar, it's still completely waterproof. Plus, it's made of a classic nylon material, so it will feel just as comfy as your pup's usual go-to.

This mini trash can fits in your car's cup holder, and the best part is — it won't look out of place with its matte black finish. It comes with a push lid on top, so it will neatly hide stray straw wrappers, fast food receipts, disposable face masks, and empty snack bags on a road trip. When you get home, it's super easy to pop the lid off and empty this mini trash can.

This unique dusting sponge is way better than your classic microfiber cloth because it only needs water, and it's covered in ridges that grab and hold onto super stuck-on dust (instead of having it fly all over your room). It also has a curved shape that will fit between blinds, vents, those grooves on annoying baseboards, and more.

These unique bookmarks wrap around to save your page, and they’re stretchy enough to fit on whatever book you’re reading. The silicone design is topped off with a little hand to point at the line you stopped on or even the exact word if you get too sleepy to make it through the entire sentence.

These tumblers give you that super aesthetic glass and bamboo tumbler moment, but they’re also surprisingly durable enough to carry with you. It's all about the grippy silicone cover that will protect the trendy glass design. Plus, you get two straws, including a colorful option that matches the silicone cover.

These shatterproof egg trays are way more durable than flimsy egg cartons hanging out in your fridge. There are handles on each side, so you can easily pull out the entire tray when you’re cooking. Plus, this transparent pack is stackable, so you can neatly store up to 28 eggs on your fridge shelf.

This hummingbird feeder looks like delicate and super expensive watercolor glass on top, but it's actually made of durable plastic. The leakproof base comes with little flower-shaped feeding spots and built-in perches that won't get too warm on a hot day. It's also ant- and insect-proof, so it will always be bug-free and easy to clean.

Swap out all of your usual reusable straws with this silicone straw pack because they’re so flexible and easy to clean in the dishwasher or with the included pipe cleaner if you do your dishes by hand. Each one is tall enough for a 40-ounce tumbler, or you can even trim down the unique silicone material to fit in your smaller tumblers or favorite juice glass.

This easy-to-recharge Bluetooth speaker is just over 4 inches wide, so you won't mind carrying it from your desk to the kitchen counter, so you can keep listening to your podcast while you prep dinner. It even has a waterproof design, so you can crank tunes (and listen to great bass) at the pool or beach and listen for up to 5 hours.

This sunglasses holder will barely noticeable in your car with its faux-leather finish and low-profile magnetic clip design. Not only does this clip-on holder keep your sunglasses or readers within reach, but it also lets you display your trendy sunglasses instead of hiding them in the middle console.

Not only will this mortar and pestle look like a decor piece in your kitchen with that chic granite design, but it's also seriously versatile. It's reversible with one large guac-sized bowl and a smaller bowl on the other side, so it works for blending spice mixes. It comes with a silicone lid that you can also pop on your countertop as a non-slip mat while you prep ingredients.

This hanging travel toiletry bag saves you from cramming a bunch of single-use baggies stuffed with skincare products in your suitcase because it has a ton of room. It gives you four different panels of zipper pockets that all fold up into a neat little carrying case with handles. When you open it up, the entire thing is see-through to easily find each of your skincare steps.

These bed sheet straps are easily worth one extra (and super quick) step in your sheet-changing routine because they make your fitted sheet actually, well, fit and feel that much more secure. Each one has gentle clips that won't rip your sheets, and they’re adjustable, so you won't pull the fabric, either.

This unique scraper will replace that grimy, bulky grill brush that's so hard to store. Yes — this miniature and dishwasher-safe stainless steel scraper packs in cleaning tools for grill grates and even your cast iron pan, and there's a bottle opener. Feel free to crack open a cold one, because clean-up will be a breeze.

These highly-rated reusable silicone baking cups won't add a bunch of clutter to your baking supplies cabinet or drawer because you can stack them right on top of each other. Their colorful design is just as fun as the classic paper liners, but they save you from buying liners or using cooking spray all the time.

These earplugs are made of flexible silicone that's comfy enough to sleep in, and they have a sleek design that's trendy enough to wear in public (think: concerts, airplanes, etc.). You also get four different sizes of ear tip to amp up the comfiness and a super chic carrying case.

This mini air freshener clip will honestly just look like a cute little decoration on your car's dashboard, but it's actually a scented air freshener. Plus, the minimalist balloon animal dog-shaped design has a hidden clip on the back that's easy to stick right in the air vent. This playful decoration comes in a variety of fresh fragrances like mint, vanilla, and new car.

This USB-C hub with a metallic finish is perfect for all of those annoying cords that won't work with your laptop or other go-to devices. It looks compact and super sleek no matter where you use it, and it still somehow packs in six different ports, including HDMI.

This coffee scrub is such a great find with Dead Sea salt, moisturizing organic olive oil, and sweet almond oil packed into it. Together, these ingredients not only exfoliate your body but also help to keep it moisturized and rejuvenated. Of course, there's also plenty of coffee inside, which adds an invigorating scent.

This PFAS- and PFOA-free nonstick skillet will honestly look so much more aesthetic in your kitchen than a flimsy stainless steel pan because it has a minimalist white ceramic coating. This glossy coating is completely dishwasher-safe and oven safe up to 350 degrees, and you can still reach for all of your favorite spatulas and spoons (even the metal ones).

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