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May 03, 2023

You've been making coffee wrong

You might think you make the best coffee ever, but according to water experts,

You might think you make the best coffee ever, but according to water experts, you've been doing it wrong this whole time. A mistake you're making with your kettle could mean your brew isn't living up to its full potential

If you're a coffee fan, you've no doubt got your routine nailed down. Maybe you're a two spoonfuls of sugar person, or perhaps you need a very specific amount of milk to make you satisfied.

Either way, it turns out most of us are making our coffees wrong, according to water experts.

While you may be more worried about the type of beans you have, or whether it's from a machine or instant, it turns out we should be paying more attention to the temperature of the water.

With Google searches for how to make 'the perfect cup of coffee' were up 72% last month, InSinkErator has revealed you could have been making your coffee wrong your entire life.

According to recent data from Nescafe, instant coffee is still the nation's favourite, with 73% of the population are still making their brew at home using a kettle, rather than a coffee machine.

However, because most kettles boil water to around 100 degrees, most people are making their favourite hot drinks wrong.

Recent research has suggested the optimum temperature for making a cup of coffee is between 90 to 96 degrees, meaning water straight from the kettle is too hot.

Instead, experts from InSinkErator have recommended leaving your boiled water to cool for around five minutes to bring it down to the perfect coffee-making temperature.

To be even more certain your cup of Joe is up to scratch, the experts advise using a thermometer.

If you're going to want to make the perfect cup of coffee, you should make sure to add water before milk, the experts say.

Even though people argue adding milk first prevents the coffee from burning, experts warn it will reduce the flavour notes that from from the granules. Adding milk first can also prevent them dissolving properly.

To get the most out of your hot beverages, here are the optimal temperatures:

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